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Elixir Zdorov with Propolis Makes You Thinner!

Have you ever looked in the mirror and told yourself: “I wish, I lost a couple of pounds”? You can do it with this amazing elixir based on propolis and herbal extracts. Its potent formula was designed to help you lose weight by enhancing your metabolism and improving calorie usage. It improves your body on a cellular level to ensure that you are losing excess weight even when you sleep!

Obesity and excess weight are problems that plague the Western world. Obesity has never been as prevalent in Americas and Europe as it is today. The vast majority of Americans are obese. The problem is that excess weight leads to an enormous amount of health issues ranging from sleep apnea to heart failure. You must drop that weight! Elixir Zdorov from the heart of Siberia is exactly what you need to lose weight without surgeries and intense workouts.

You will need to stick to a dietary plan, but it will be much easier and the results will be apparent. Elixir Zdorov is a source of energetics and micronutrients that inhibit hunger and enhance your metabolism allowing your body to stay active and consume calories at a faster pace than usual. You will notice that weight just evaporates while you don’t really do much aside of following a very forgiving diet.

How It Works

Propolis is often used to enhance the effect of other microelements. It is a very potent antiseptic and stimulant that affects your gastrointestinal system positively and ensures that your organism works as intended when it comes to processing food. On the other hand, Elixir Zdorov with propolis boosts your metabolism and makes your body consume energy faster while enhancing fat processing.


There are several key components that make Elixir Zdorov as efficient as it is:

  1. Propolis prevents toxins from depositing in your body and enhances metabolic processes allowing all internal systems to be more efficient at energy usage
  2. Olive oil provides essential nutrients to your body and makes it easier to process fats while positively affecting the microflora of your gut
  3. Vitamins A and E are both important for metabolism and keep your body nourished even during the famine reactions caused by dieting

All these ingredients are affecting your body in a way that makes it better at disassembling fat cells and using the energy instead of storing it.

How to Use It

The most important rule when using Elixir Zdorov is to make sure that you are using it regularly. There are several methods of using this remedy:

  • Take a sip directly from the bottle twice a day before meals
  • Add 10-15 drops of the remedy to a glass of water and drink it twice a day
  • Add 10-15 drops to your meals twice a day

Elixir Zdorov with propolis works best when it is consumed with food or before eating your meals. Your body will start using fats and sugars from your food immediately.


It has been hard for me to lose any weight. Diets seemed to help, but I couldn’t stick to them long enough to fortify the effect. If I lost 10 pounds, I would simply gain 20 later on. It was hard. However, Elixir Zdorov helped me overcome these obstacles on my way to a better life. I’m still way above 200 pounds, but I’m working hard to lose more weight and stay healthy!

Rachel, 47

My doctor told that if I don’t lose at least 100 pounds, I would be in risk of dying to a heart attack. It is something that you don’t want to hear when you are 25 years old. I was about 350 pounds and could lose any weight. It is hard to get in shape when you can barely move without sweating like a hippo. Elixir Zdorov helped me lose weight over the course of 4 consecutive months. I was able to stick to a diet and lost over 140 pounds! It was hard, but I did it!

Sean, 27

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John Winter
John Winter
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Store at 25C in a dark place

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