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Wax Cream Zdorov against Psoriasis

Red spots on skin, constant itching and pain, and other problems caused by psoriasis significantly reduce the quality of life. It is important to use good remedies such as wax cream Zdorov in order to treat these problems effectively and in a timely manner. This amazing remedy was invented in Russia a couple of centuries ago by bee farmers who noticed healing qualities of bee wax and propolis.

Propolis and bee wax are used in both traditional and unconventional medicine all over the world. However, only people of Siberia turned it into a global phenomenon. Introducing universal wax cream Zdorov against psoriasis, an amazing remedy against various forms of psoriasis and other problematic skin conditions.

If you want to get rid of this problem, you may take a closer look at this amazing cream that has been around for decades. Propolis and bee wax were used in a form of lotions and creams for centuries. Today, you can also use this source of healing all-natural ingredients to your advantage!

How It Works

The combination of antiseptic and antibacterial components of the cream penetrate the upper skin layer and kill of bacteria. At the same time, inflammation is reduced due to a healing effect of propolis. He combined effect ensures strong cleansing of the problematic area.

All-natural cream is a guarantee that your organism will not be poisoned by chemicals and undesired artificial components that may harm your body.


Wax cream Zdorov is a combination of great organic components that are carefully gathered by bee farmers from Siberia and Urals.

  • Propolis is notorious for its antiseptic properties and acts as a cleanser
  • Bee wax provides healing effect and reduces inflammation
  • Bee poison also cleanses the area and reduces inflammation
  • Cedar extract improves blood circulation and prevents bleeding
  • Olive oil acts as an emulsifying agent while also helping with blood circulation

All ingredients come from our friends — bees. They provide us with food, valuable micronutriens, and work hard to preserve nature and keep our world green.

How to Use It

Cream Zdorov should be applied topically on problematic regions of skin. You do not need to use excessive amounts of cream.

  1. Wash your hands and problematic area
  2. Rub into the area a little bit of cream
  3. Leave it for a couple of hours before washing

You should notice improvements after a couple of days. However, we recommend you to stick to the treatment plan and use the cream for at least 2-4 weeks. The immediate therapeutic effect may not be noticeable. Nonetheless, after a week of use, you will start noticing improvements.


Psoriasis is a nasty disease. I’ve learned it the hard way. It started as a small pimple on my back and then grew into an ugly mess. All my back was covered by red spots and itching skin. Cream Zdorov helped me fight off the disease. I use it regularly to prevent psoriasis from popping up again.

James, 28

It was a life-saving moment when I found cream Zdorov. I was only twenty when first red spots started appearing. The diagnosis was quite disheartening — psoriasis. This wax cream is a true gift from heavens. It works wonderfully and helps me get through periods when psoriasis gives me hard time.

Anna, 34

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Expiration Date

2 years

Storage method

Store at 25C in a dark place

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