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Zdorov Cream! Get Rid of Wrinkles!

Do you want to know how to prevent aging and look younger? There is a very intriguing answer that comes directly from the depths of Siberia where people have been using the power of nature for centuries. While many other nations did not use the gifts from bees to their fullest extent, Siberian natives were actively researching and using propolis and bee wax passing the knowledge to future generations through herbalism and traditions.

Cream Zdorov is a pinnacle of unconventional medicine and cosmetology. It has many great properties and can easily make you a decade younger within a week! Its amazing all-natural, organic formula is designed to reduce inflammations, kill off bacteria, clean the skin, and provide necessary micronutrients for improved cell regeneration.

Cream Zdorov is one of the best health products in the market and can be used as a very effective remedy against wrinkles and skin degeneration. It is an absolutely safe cosmetic product that does not conflict with any known prescription medications and/or other forms of cosmetic products. It makes your skin younger and fresher!

How It Works

The complex formula of the Zdorov cream gently reinvigorates the skin and moisturizes it while providing additional protection for your skin. At the same time, additional nutrients and vitamins included in the formula nourish skin cells encouraging quicker regeneration on a cellular level. The combined effect is a fresher looking skin that feels moisturized and elastic.


The true power of the Zdorov cream is in the amazing formula based on propolis and bee wax. However, it has several components and each of the ingredients has a unique purpose:

  • Bee corpses contain an amazingly rich complex of micronutrients and building materials for your skin cells
  • Aesculus extract encourages the rapid regeneration of all tissues and provides stimulation for blood vessels
  • Propolis is a strong natural antioxidant that also has antiseptic qualities and nourishes the skin while cleaning it
  • Bee wax is a great protective agent that ensures that your skin does not lose moisture and is well protected from the hazards of the environment

How to Use It

Cream Zdorov has been amongst the best cosmetic products in the industry. You will be more than happy to learn that you can use it as a cosmetic lotion or a protective daytime cream.

  1. Wash your hands and face
  2. Apply a small amount of cream and rub it in gently
  3. Use massaging techniques to ensure greater results


Cream Zdorov is easily the best cream that I’ve used up to date. It was an amazing purchase that changed my life! I can certainly say that my skin became much livelier and I feel protected from the wind and dryness of the environment. This product is a completely natural solution which is very important for me since I try to support only manufacturers who use organic materials.

Irma, 29

Aging is a sad phenomenon. Sadly, we cannot escape it. We have to deal with wrinkly skin and long-lost elasticity. However, you can do it effectively! I was lucky to stumble upon an advertisement for Zdorov cream. It helped me make my skin younger and removed a lot of wrinkles from my face. I used it twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

Amanda, 38

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2 years

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Store at 25C in a dark place

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