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CollaMask Brings Back Your Beauty!

Aging is a process that we all want to stop and, if possible, revert. While fantasies of sci-fi writers are still far beyond the horizon, there are remedies that can help you slow down the aging process and make your face look 10-20 years younger. All you need to do is get yourself CollaMask, a revolutionary solution that contains only all-natural, organic ingredients and provides a noticeable cosmetic effect.

CollaMask provides nutrition, moisturizing, and protection to skin cells allowing you to get rid of wrinkles, dryness, and other signs of aging. If you want your face to look better than ever before, make sure to have this remedy at your disposal. Use it on a regular basis and you will forget about dry skin, flabbiness, and wrinkles.

Many talented scientists and cosmetologists worked on this formula to bring one of the best cosmetic solutions to the market. It is a ground-breaking invention that will help you in your battle against aging. This easy-to-use mask works better than many spa-procedures and provides a visible effect within the first week of use! It is an absolutely new word in terms of facial cosmetics!

How It Works

The combined effect of various extracts and vitamins provides nutrition and protection to the skin tissues. The mask gently covers your face and creates a very thin layer of natural oils and vitamins ensuring that your face receives moisture and regenerates. Components of CollaMask also protect your face from dryness and various hazards of the environment.


There are several different ingredients and each of them has a unique effect on your skin:

  1. Collagen is a building material for your skin that reinvigorates your face and encourages regeneration
  2. Alginic Acid extracted from seaweed provides moisturizing and protection
  3. Blue clay narrows skin pores and removes contaminants
  4. Plant oils and betaine provide much needed nutrition for your skin cells
  5. Palmarosa oil kills off bacteria and has a very distinct gentle flavor
  6. Amino acids also provide nutrition and stimulate regeneration

All these components are mixed together in a heavily guarded proportions. The exact recipe of the mask is the result of fruitful collaboration between scientists.

How to Use It

The mask should be used on a regular basis. It is recommended to apply the mask at least two times per day. Protect your skin against wind and sun by applying a thin layer in the morning and revitalize your skin in the evening. Here’s a short instruction:

  • Wash your hands and face
  • Apply a small amount of CollaMask to your face
  • Gently rub it in using massaging motions
  • Leave it until the liquid part dries out

You will notice positive changes after the first use. It is a very efficient cosmetic solution that has a very distinct mechanism of action.


Girls! This is it! CollaMask is the ultimate face care product that we have been looking for. It comes at a very low price. It makes your skin beautiful and elastic. It protects your face from sun and wind! It is just a very good mask that works much better than anything you can find in the open market. If you can get it, do it and you won’t regret your decision.

Celina, 38

I’ve never thought that bringing back the joy of looking in the mirror would be so easy. Wrinkles are nothing new to me. I’ve noticed first of them when I was 30. However, I’ve been always fighting against my age. CollaMask is something that I decided to try without any expectations. I thought that it was yet another night&day cosmetic cream that you can buy in any pharmacy or supermarket. Boy, was I wrong! CollaMask is wonder that you need to try.

Mina, 43

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Alan Wayne
Alan Wayne
Author, journalist

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Expiration Date

2 years

Storage method

Store at 25C in a dark place

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Is determined individually

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